Did I truly fail, so bad in my duties as a Mother? Or is it not so bad these days as wives and moms can actually do other things besides cooking? Any thoughts…


Am I failing as a mother?

I mean Seriously, when I asked my daughter(age13), to please put two waffles in the toaster. So, she brings in a really hot plate with her shirt covering the side of it, and two extremely crispy, stuck to the plate waffles. Instead of putting them in the toaster, she puts them in the microwave for Three Mins! Lol! I should have taken a pic of her trying to convince me they were edible, as she couldn’t even take a bite of it. I’m npt much of a xook, always hated cooking so I don’t do it much, but really daughter? So she is currently making them again the right way, and even though she burnt frozen waffles to a plate, I’m still lucky to have a daughter awewt enough to make them for me. I love my children!





Fall or Winter

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Enjoying this Look like a sleek lady going to the office, the penthouse because of course we the CEO. Lol. I just really love this outfit. It says business, class, style, beauty, but also it’s very youthful and fun. At the same time it says your ready for anything the day has to throw at you…

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