Are you a parent of a gender Confused Child in 2020? Here are a few helpful resources for those parents

Be proud of being a parent of an LGBTQ child in 2020, it’s history in making now, today; YOU!
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You just beat cancer, now what do you want to achieve?

Please assist this survivor with her No. 2 on List ot her life goals by clicking on her link to her Go-Fund me page and donate whatever you can. She is $1,000.00 behind and she reaches her goal of opening her own Cleaning Business! She’s refusing to give up and we can all admire that!

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Amy B.

Become a ImmortalMom/Dad:

If you want your children to turn out well, spend twice as much time with them, and half as much money.

– Abigail Van Buren

                I am currently designing and creating my first big project, completely at home in my free time, compiled of a huge library of Video Blogs. These

Videos will eventually all be tailored specifically to each one of my children, addressed to each one. They will be of myself, doing such things as wishing each one a happy birthday all

The way up to my youngest child’s 100th Birthday, tips on defeating middle age crisis, advice on making it through menopause, thoughts that I believe they should know, important info,

And so many more things. The sky is really the limit with this project, it really can be taken and made from the ground up to be totally and completely yours. One day, not today obviously,

Your children will be sulking after a failed marriage, for example, and just because you have passed on doesn’t mean you can’t still be, they’re for your child as a parent, a guidance, and offer

Advice to them as if you would if this were happening to them.

Will this project be Tedious and Boring at some point? Yes. Will your kids appreciate the value of exactly what you are creating for them now? Surely Not! Will you regret doing this at

Some point? No Way Jose! When I lost my father, I was not prepared. No one ever is really. We do the best we can in preparing our children for that eventuality, but I know all parents

Major worry is about their kids when they are no longer around.  We all wish we could truly be here every day forever for our kids, but since that isn’t physically possible, maybe it’s spiritually, mentally,

And Verbally. I can barely remember my Dad’s Voice, the sound of his laugh, his calming deep singing voice, or even the way he told me he loved me, it’s been 9 years since he passed, and it’s gets

More and more fuzzy every day. The one big regret I have in my life is not recording my dad’s voice, getting more videos with him, and more photos. Since I have that regret, I set out trying to think of someway

I could make sure my children could easily push a button and see my smile and hear my laughter with it on a particular bad day, or laugh with me as I remember the past and all our good times, or listen to

Their personal motivation Video I make specifically for each one of my kids based on their unique personality and challenges to help get them through days when I can’t physically do that. I don’t want to

Stop being apart of their lives one day because of mortality if I can help it. I can do birthdays, holidays, and even Happy New Years for each year up to 2090 if I need to.  I can make sure certain videos are only opened in case of etc. I can even say watch this video only when you have officially started Menopause and your feeling depressed because you think you’re getting old. LoL. I really can just be open, creative, and have fun

With this, and know that in the end, this ImmortalityMom is absolutely going to be one of my children’s most precious and priceless gifts.





p.s. IT’S FREE


Amy Battenhausen