About AmysAlley

I begin this blog by pointing out that I am an average, everyday, woman living in the south, raising two teen daughters, and dealing with regular life issues including parenting struggles, and my own mental health issues. I simply enjoy writing. I always have and kept journals throughout my life. So, blogging really excited me because it offers people, who otherwise would never have had the chance to be heard, a voice and a way to express their ideas, their opinions, provide fun and important information and connect to readers and grow as a writer. I feel lucky to be able to write and publish my content online where it’s available for anyone to read, if they so choose to, and not feel pressured by restrictions that writing for newspapers, magazine’s or even book publishing would restrict me to. I am not downing that type of writing, only saying that this allows opportunities for writer’s to get their articles, research papers, or books/short stories read by the public. This blog is a lifestyle blog focused on average life as a woman, teen, girl, and even post menopause age ladies. We touch on parenting, teen girl issues, fashion, beauty, fitness, and mental health. I want readers of all types whether your a transgender female, a preteen, or just celebrated your 55th birthday. Ladies will find informative information here, motivational posts, pics and videos discussing the latest fashion for the new spring season, and even how to guides. I write about Hot Topics in the news, post on common issues for parents today, discuss self-care and love, and much more. So, please won’t you follow us here and sign up with your email to keep up with new posts and more, and also visit us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. I am going to achieve my goals and my dreams, I hope you choose to be one of my readers here to support my way to achieving my goals and proving to my girls that you really can accomplish anything you put your mind to, with dedication and hard work.



We are on Facebook, twitter, Instagram, and even Tumblr, please visit our other social media accounts because we want you as a follower and friend. All questions and comments will be answered as soon as possible, we welcome you to be interactive here, don’t hide your crazy at AmysAlley, here you should show it off, and wear it like a queen wears her crown.

Great Motivational, therapeutic and Inspirational Podcast based off the Award Winning Book Series, “Chicken Soup for the Soul”!

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