Dear Teenagers of America: you cray cray LOL…

To all Teenagers who’ve ever said “I don’t have an attitude, that’s just how I talk.” Public Service Announcement Teens!

If you’re a teenager or the parents of a teenager whose ever tried to say to you, “This is just how I talk, so either accept me as I am or don’t because I don’t have an attitude”, then it’s time to face facts little HUMAN, that type of thinking only shows others how immature you actually are. When you recognize that the way you say things to people tends to get frowns, get you in trouble or perhaps they say you have an attitude, and then you make the decision to change how you speak to others so that doesn’t happen anymore, then congratulations you’re becoming a mature young adult and you should be very proud of yourselves.

It’s your job to fix these issues if you want to be respected and taken seriously amoung mature crowds of people. It’s absolutely not our job to change our reaction to your adolescent, angry, hormonal tone of voice!

That Is All!



The mother of just such a daughter

P.S. I love my rude, crazy, loud, hormonal, selfish, aggravating, needy, spoiled, beautiful, silly, artistic, smart, kind, giving, amazing, wonderful ball of sunshine and magic Teenage Girl! She’s one of a kind and I’m so Lucky to be her Mom!

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I'm a mother, reader, writer, best friend, wife, a ex divorcee, a taxi, a teacher, a cook, an aunt, a cousin, a HUMAN, a daughter, a lover, a WOMAN, a expert, a beginner, recovering addict, from the Mississippi Gulfcoast, and so much more!

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